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Henry Mullens - Milton

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Henry makes use of his 16 years experience in bodybuilding, strength training and sport specific exercise to help clients achieve their goals - whether this be losing body fat, gaining lean muscle or improving overall fitness - whilst also getting stronger and becoming more confident in the gym and everyday life. Through proven methods, modern and old school, he is able to find your optimal level of difficulty and keep you continually motivated to push your limits. Whether you’re new to the gym or a seasoned gym-goer, Henry has the knowledge and patience to teach and develop whatever you are bringing to the table.


CYQ Level 2 Fitness Instructor

OCR Level 3 Personal Trainer

CIMSPA Registered


Be better today than you were yesterday, small regular improvements over the long term = big changes.

Client Testimonial

As someone who has never previously enjoyed the gym but wanted to get fit and lose 30 years of accumulated overindulgence , Henry was the perfect trainer. Every session he gave his full attention to making the hour interesting, informative and effective, as well as setting out a plan for me to get to my next training session. Each exercise  and piece of kit was explained so I felt capable of doing it safely and effectively on my own for maximum effect, and mixed up the weights and cardio to keep it interesting. He even wrote me a “no gym no excuse” plan when I had to go away on business!

Thanks to having Henry as a PT, I have got the gym bug, have more energy and feel fitter than I have in years and in just 6 months lost 12 kg in weight!  I am more than happy to recommend him as a personal trainer.

-Dr B Minihane


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