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Carol Walker - Chatham

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Carol has been a competitive natural bodybuilder for just over 10 years gaining three world titles and 10 British Championship titles, eight of those in consecutive years. She has competed all over the UK, in Europe as well as in New York. She has a wealth of experience when it comes to preparing for a competition but Carol also has empathy with people from many walks of life. She hasn’t always been fit and healthy and spent many years overweight before making the choice to change her lifestyle. 

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Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training
Level 2 Certificate in Gym-Based Fitness
Level 3 Diploma in Exercise Referral
Level 4 Certificate in Exercise & Nutritional
Interventions for Obesity & Diabetes
Certified Power Plate Trainer
Combat Fitness Instructor
Level 3 Award in Education & Training
Level 1 Kettlebell Instructor Course
Level 2 Award in Instructing Circuit Sessions


“My approach when I work with clients is always holistic. I know how much of an emotional journey it can be when making that
decision to embark on a healthier lifestyle, especially if it’s new and unfamiliar. My aim: To encourage, empower and build confidence. My
support is always on-going; providing accountability and continued encouragement.”

Client Testimonial

Caroline Young – Carol is an amazing personal trainer! Highly recommended.

Donna Clarke – I can highly recommend Carol. She’s a lovely lady and a great personal trainer. She’s been happy to work on the specific muscle groups that I requested help with and she has given me so many great ideas. I’m naturally very lazy but she has pushed me to work hard during our sessions and I can certainly feel the results. This in turn has given me confidence so I’m really happy right now and looking forward to another session soon,

Beccy & Holly Clarke – My daughter Holly & I both really enjoy our sessions. You are an amazing instructor, each session has been so varied and well planned. We are both so pleased with the results and everything we are learning. You are such a fountain of knowledge.

Paula Francis – Natural Competitive Bodybuilder – Carol has a calming & kind nature about her but she does push you through the PT sessions. She sees potential in everyone and has a way of making sure that comes through. There are times when she will call me ‘ad hoc’ just to find out how I’m feeling and keep me on track. Being trained by a World Champion Bodybuilder isn’t something everyone can boast about but Carol supported me through 2014 from the day we first met up to the day I stepped on stage.


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