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Nearly three years ago I joined The Park Club and started my own weight loss journey. I was very overweight, unhappy, lacking in energy and generally very unhealthy.
I struggled to lose weight and tried various diets and attended weight loss classes. Although some worked in the short term, the weight would creep back in again so I decided to get a PT myself. My energy increased, my knowledge of nutrition and exercise increased, my confidence started to grow and I lost a total of four stone. My goals have now shifted from weight loss to muscle building so I understand the emotional and physical journey when trying to become healthier, fitter and stronger. I have a passion for fitness and supporting and guiding others, whatever their goal. So if you want to lose weight, build muscle, improve fitness or performance for a specific sport or event then book in now for a free initial consultation and taster session.


Level 2 Gym Instructor
Level 3 Personal Trainer
Circuits Instructor
Kettlebell Instructor


Believe you can and you’re halfway there.
Invest in yourself.

Client Testimonial

Sophie has kick-started my love for exercise again! The gym was becoming mundane and I wasn’t pushing myself or making the progress I wanted. Sophie has taken the time to talk through my goals and the areas of my body I want to work on and I feel she has a real understanding of my body. She has shown me a whole different way of training and continues to show me different exercises to target different areas. Our sessions are hard work but she always motivates and pushes me even when I feel like I can’t keep going.
Sophie is a great personal trainer and I cannot recommend her enough!


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