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Stephen Keane - Chatham

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Stephen discovered a love of fitness at a young age where he played football to a professional standard. This gave him the insight into delivering a broad range of cardio based exercises. Furthermore through his training as a professional chef and his running of a diet coaching business, he has helped many people reach their fitness and weight loss goals through the healthiest and best suited means of the individual.

Stephen enjoys studying biometrics and has a large degree of knowledge towards hypertrophy and power style training. Over the course of Stephens training he has been able to notice and correct many imbalances in his own body which where leading to joint, back and neck pain. with the study of posture analysis Stephen can now help others eliminate postural pains they may be experiencing.


Personal Trainer level 3
Kettlebell Instructor level 1
Fitness Instructor level 2
Nutrition for Exercise


Client Testimonial

“I have struggled with my weight all my life and been a binge eater for a vast part of it. I have tried many diets before but never been able to lose much weight or sustain the weight loss. At my biggest I weighed 27 stone 12 lbs which was miserable, I could barely walk, was at risk of becoming a diabetic, had high blood pressure, wore size 30-32 clothes and had chronic pain from arthritis in my ankles, back and knees.

Having Steve as my personal trainer has made all the difference and changed my life. He set me a simple and effective eating plan and has a really sound knowledge of nutrition. His expertise has ensured that I have toned up well and my whole posture and shape has improved immensely. We have had some good fun too though as he is very easy to get on with. I have now lost 150 pounds dropped to size 18-20 clothes. I have come off one blood pressure tablet, my blood sugars are normal, and my arthritis is better. I can run again for the first time in 30 years and I have so much more energy and enjoyment from life. He is an excellent personal trainer and I recommend him to anyone.”


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