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John Pace - Ashford

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John has a background in Karate, competing internationally for both South Africa and Great Britain, medalling at a world stage.
With over 7 years of Personal Training experience, John believes health and fitness is the combination of quality training, good nutrition and having serious fun and enjoyment. Personal training with John is all about working together to get you from where you are, to where you want to be, making a positive and lasting difference to your life. John helps achieve this
by incorporating progressive and forward thinking into your training without forgetting proven methods.
Visit John’s website, www.johnpace.co.uk for more information.


Gym Instructor Level 2
Personal Trainer Level 3
Rehabilitation and Exercise Referral Certificate
Weight Management Certificate Strength and
Sports Conditioning Certificate


‘Goals are milestones and must be achievable; if you look forward to the journey you are going to enjoy the ride!’

Client Testimonial

I was overweight, unfit and felt awful. I knew that staying the same was not an option. John helped me to understand the importance of changing my lifestyle habits and enabled me to realise that I was capable of achieving far greater than I had ever dreamt of.
In my time training with John I have significantly improved my fitness, increased my strength and lost over 40kgs. Yes I have had some down moments and there have been times when all I really wanted to do was stay at home and eat cake but John was there as a support mechanism providing encouragement and guidance along the way. I certainly have no plans of stop training with John and I would highly recommend him to anyone.