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Since entering the fitness industry as a level 3 qualified personal trainer, Laz has dedicated his time to assisting clients in reaching their health and fitness goals through form correction, progressive training programs, nutritional advice and promotion of a healthier lifestyle. He strives to find new progressive ways to challenge himself and his clients. His specialisms lie in weight loss, muscle strength and core stability, and he will ensure you get the most out of your training based on your personal goals.


Personal Trainer (Level 3)
Gym Instructor (Level 2)
Gym Based Boxing 
Circuits Instructor
Sports Nutrition
Spin Instructor


'There is no finish line'

Client Testimonial

I’ve been training with Laz Lewis since April 2013 and the changes have been remarkable.
Unfortunately I found myself in a situation where I needed a Personal Trainer to help correct some damage caused during emergency surgery,
I hated gyms, I hated exercise but I also hated being overweight. I was overwhelmed during the first few sessions with laz and I found the sessions really challenging. I cried, I sulked, I even felt like quitting, but with the continued help and support from laz I stuck with it. He motivated me, encouraged me but most importantly he believed in me. I couldn’t have and wouldn’t have achieved this without him. I’m fitter, stronger, healthier and happier then I’ve ever been. I would highly recommend Laz to anybody.