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Torren Devine - Chatham

Tel: 07850 883534

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Torren has over 5 years experience in the fitness industry varying from sports massage to personal training. He has a wide range of clients from triathletes to those achieving massive weight loss of up to 9 stone, even coaching children. He believes in finding the perfect training solution for every client and that FUN training is effective training.
Using a mixture of core correction, weight training, martial arts and power-lifting he has seen results from every single client.


Level 2 in coaching
Level 3 Personal Trainer
Level 3 sports massage
Level 4 in obsesity
Level 4 in lower back pain
Spin Instructor
Martial arts coach level 1
NSCA certificate in macronutrients
Exercise refferal specialist
Certificate in the principles of movement based training


'Ah yes. I was wondering what would break first: your spirit.... or your body.' - Bane

Client Testimonial

“No nonsense, effective, dedicated. Torren Devine in a nutshell, hands down one of the most inspiring personal trainers I’ve ever worked with. I could never imagine I’d be where I am today without his support.”