An e-mail was sent out to all members on the 13th July outlining how we were going to open and what measures are in place. To see a copy of this e-mail. Please click here

We have also created a short video to guide you through the changes 'Member journey post lockdown'

Frequently asked questions

Q) Can I train whenever I want to and for as long as I want? No unfortunately not. All training sessions need to be booked. Gym sessions are maximum one hour slots and swimming sessions 30 minutes. 

Q: How do I book to attend the club? You can do this via the app, members area (Login) on the website or by calling the Club

Q: What will happen with my monthly membership payments? These will recommence from 1st August unless you have made special arrangements by e-mailing

Q: I have a paid in full membership, what will happen with regards to this? This will be extended for the period that we were closed

Q:  My direct debit doesn't come out on the 1st of the month, what about the payment for the days prior to the payment being taken? This pro rata payment would need to be paid in advance of you being to book sessions. You can do this by calling the club directly and paying over the phone

Q:  I cancelled my direct debit is my membership still active? No you would need to reinstate your direct debit. Please e-mail  for more details. 

Q: Can I still keep my membership frozen? Yes under certain circumstances. You will need to speak to a member of the team by e-mailing  

Q: I was told I would get a free month, when is this? As soon as we open

Q:  What extra protection measures have you introduced? We have implemented the following measures... spacing to allow for social distancing, screens at reception, spaced out equipment, bookable sessions, reduced maximum numbers, re-location of some equipment or classes to different areas, sanitising stations, extra cleaning stations in activity areas, extra cleaners and more frequent cleaning. Signage, posters and guidelines along with updated on social media. Please be aware that no sweat towels will be allowed in the gyms. Please use the blue towel provided

Q: Are the opening hours the same? No these are slightly different and have been updated on the website and google places. 

Q: Are towels still available (Milton)? No not at this time. Please also refrain from bringing your own sweat towels, please use the disposable blue roll available.

Q: Can I still use lockers? Yes, but we do encourage you to be ready to train and not use these where you can, you might notice that some of these are marked out of use to support social distancing.

Q: Can I use the showers? There will be a restricted number so we would prefer people to come ready to train and shower at home.

Q: Is the swimming pool open? Yes and sessions need to be booked via the app, members area (Login) on the website or by calling the Club

Q: Will showers be available after swimming? Yes these are open but again limited to numbers and all hairdryers etc. are not in use

Q: Are online classes still continuing? Yes, these will continue but in a different format and only available to paying members. If you are not returning to the club at this moment in time we are offering an online membership that will include online classes delivered by our instructors and Les Mills on Demand at a cost of £10.95 a month. If you wish to take out this option please e-mail . As of the 27th July the online classes on parkclub@home will no longer be delivered as a free option

Q: What will happen with regards to studio classes? These will be held with fewer numbers and with time between classes to allow the staff to clean the area

Q: When are swimming lessons starting again? We will revaluate this at the end of August with a potential start date in September

Q: When are children’s activities starting again? We will revaluate this at the end of August with a potential start date in September

Q: I want to continue with exercise referral scheme can I? Unfortunately not at this stage, these are classes are classed as vulnerable. We will re-evaluate these at the end of August

Q: Are café facilities available? Not currently, vending machines are also out of use. We encourage you to bring what you need including drinking water with you. Seating areas have also been put out of use or been limited

Q: Is the Sauna / Steam available? As per current industry guidance we have to keep these areas closed for the time being


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