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Myzone is a body metrics and workout tracking system mainly based on your heart rate. The Heart rate monitor allows you to access your heart rate data live on your phone, in class or outside the club. This will help train in the right zone and reach your goals. The Body Metrics scan will breakdown the overall make up of your body including fat and muscle %.


Using two different electrical frequencies that pass freely through lean tissue like muscle, but meeting resistance with fat tissue, users obtain detailed information on body composition such as muscle mass, visceral (abdominal), fat level, metabolic rate and physique rating in 30 seconds.


The signal passes quickly through water held in hydrated muscle tissue but meets resistance such as fat tissue. The resistance, also known as 'impedance' is measured and input into scientifically validated equations that will calculate body composition measurements.


MYZONE measures and categorises weight into body fat mass, fat free mass, bone mass and total body water – all in a matter of seconds.
Users can track changes, trace movement and share outcomes and change for long term health management.

  • Results will include:
  • Body Weight (Kg)
  • BMI (kg/m2)
  • Fat & Muscle percentage (%)
  • Metabolic Age (yrs)
  • Water Hydration Levels
  • Basal Metabolic Rate (kcal)


Myzone Body Metrics is £2 for members and £5 for non-members or free if you have a MyZone belt, available from reception on a 14 day free trial!


A healthy workforce is a happy workforce and we recognise that absent staff and ill health costs companies both money and resources.

The Park Club offers corporate health check packages, where we will provide health checks for employees at your workplace.

We also offer support to improve results and increase physical activity levels. Please contact us for more information about corporate packages.


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