Park Club's Community 'Health' team have recently launched a new initiative called 'Active Body & Mind', providing an opportunity for adults experiencing mental health difficulties to use physical activity as a tool to improve overall wellbeing.

Active Body & Mind is a 12 week physical activity referral programme, designed to support adults with mild to moderate depression, stress, anxiety or low mood to benefit from a more active lifestyle.

Sue Shellard was referred onto the project by Oxfordshire Mind and has done so well.  She has gone from being completely inactive to attending twice a week and continuing to be active at our site once the project has come to an end.

Sue's Story

As an anxiety sufferer, which had made me lose all of my confidence, I found it easier to remain indoors and not exercise or eat healthily. Through Oxfordshire Mind I found out about the Park Club .  I really felt that the only thing that I could do was possibly swimming but I was worried about going into a gym as I am overweight. I was also concerned about going into the club as I thought it would be young fit people, also worried that I may not be able to get into the swimming pool as I am not very mobile. 

I met up with Richard who showed me around the Park Club and explained to me how I could use the pool whenever I felt I could and that he would support me in any way he could. There is easy access into the pool and the changing rooms are lovely.  I now feel very confident about using the pool and feel in a much better frame of mind in general as I am trying to do something to help myself in a positive way and it has given me the confidence to carry on .This has given me a real lifeline and I am very grateful for this chance I’ve had to change my life .

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