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In August, Soll Leisure held a Team Performance roadshow for all staff. The roadshow covered various topics including company and team performance, company values and customer service.

Guest speakers at the event included Hannah Lawton who created Inspirational Friends when a fellow rower and friend died of cervical cancer and Tim Foster MBE, Olympic Rowing Gold Medallist and Coach.

Hannah is an Active Star member at the Park Club Milton and talked about the many adventures she has undertaken including rowing the Atlantic. Hannah believes adventure has a strong relation to the day-to-day challenges faced by those working in organisations, where ambition, drive, planning and dedication are just as important. Her passion and energy was a real motivator for the staff and her experiences and advice were applicable at both a personal and professional level.

Tim Foster MBE delivered a talk on team work and cohesion based on his experiences as a rower and coach. Few Olympians have made the transition from athlete to coach as smoothly. Tim is a great motivational speaker and uses his experiences and humorous stories as a 5-times Olympian and successful coach to show individuals how they can achieve their own goals and set them on the path to winning ways both on a professional and personal basis.

The team roadshow is an annual event and the only time the whole team come together to undertake training and enables the company to recognise and reward those that have demonstrated the company values. It aids team retention and inspires and motivates the team to progress and develop within their clubs and centres.

Speaking about the day, Managing Director, Mandy Williams said “It is great to be able to get all our staff together to talk about our values and how we can achieve our charitable objective of getting More People, More Active, More Often. It was an inspiring and motivating day with some great speakers. It was also great to be able to recognise the hard work of individuals at the end of the day.” Tim Foster said, “It was a great day spent with those that encourage healthy and active lifestyles on a daily basis.”

To find out more about Soll Leisure’s Active Star scheme for talented sports people please visit Get Started. To learn more about Inspirational Friends please visit www.insfriends.org.uk.

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