• Our Charity

At Park Club, we are a not-for-profit organisation and charity where we reinvest into providing you with the best service, improve on member feedback we receive, create the best environment possible, and help the community stay healthy and active. Our mission is to help everyone build a healthier lifestlye whilst in a supportive community because we believe that we are #StrongerTogether.

We are passionate about making everyone feel welcome and confident to use any of the facilities here at The Park Club. With support from both staff and members, it is a welcoming environment where everyone can focus on bettering themselves both physically and mentally through working out, all whilst making friends who are here to do the same.

We also help to keep the community active and provide education through school visits, staff wellness days at local companies, and providing activities for people of all abilities to join in with. If you wish to collaborate with us for any events, please get in touch   

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